Dr. Med.
Moritz Tellmann

Nutritional-, and Preventative medicine, health promotion and intensive care medicine.


Here you will find information about activities in medicine, interesting information about health, fitness, news and events.


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Being an ambitious and passionate athlete, I cover intensive physical and mental training and believe above all in Learning, Knowledge gain in exercise improvement and nutritional intelligence.

Live Your Best Life

By caring about your health and well being you are capable ot living the life you have always dreamed of.

Coach & Trainer

1 on 1 Personal-Training
Regular price €50,00


Personal training is an absolutely individual and coordinated service that requires intensive preparation and follow-up.

Due to the high success rates in long-term cooperation, this investment is particularly worthwhile for anyone who really wants to achieve their goals in a realistic time and at the same time appreciates the added value of joint training in order to continuously develop their skills.

The prices for individual personal training vary depending on the objective, scope of training and objectives.

If you have special requests regarding the training time or a longer-term training contract, just contact me for a personal offer.

All training is conducted in German.

    1 on 1 Personal-Training
    1 on 1 Personal-Training
    1 on 1 Personal-Training
    1 on 1 Personal-Training
    1 on 1 Personal-Training
    1 on 1 Personal-Training
    1 on 1 Personal-Training
    1 on 1 Personal-Training
    1 on 1 Personal-Training
    1 on 1 Personal-Training
    1 on 1 Personal-Training
    1 on 1 Personal-Training

    An Experience like no other

    24/7 Awesome

    Dr. Med Moritz and his Team have come together to create an experience vacation like no other. 10 days of pure awesomeness. A getaway for health, fitness and self development. A unique and unforgettable time full of adventure, relaxation and new experiences lies ahead of you.

    Experience Awesome

    Awesome & Average Podcast

    Dr. Moritz Tellmann and Kamil Albrecht have taken the time to create a podcast that covers topics like medicine, work on the ship and socio-political issues. Join them as they meet every week to chat, play, guess, ask questions and exchange ideas. Enjoy each episode with laughter and education guaranteed.

    Wiretapping scandal

    #70 Autan, die Mückenmafia

    #70 Autan, die Mückenmafia

    Kamil ist stolzer Besitzer von 21 Mückensticken! Bei 36 Grad nehmen die beiden ihre 70. Folge auf und ziehen hart durch! Kernfragen: Was war Kamil's heftigste Leiche und was würde Moritz gerne operativ an sich machen lassen?

    Approved by Oma Hedwig


    What came out of a crazy idea became the main topic of our last few months. The bean of life of life should also enrich your life, wake you up and taste it! That's what I stand for with my bean;)

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