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With a strong and authentic partner and trainer at your side, you will come closer to your desire for an optimally functioning, strong, healthy body. Do not hesitate. Invest in your most valuable asset.

Coaching offers:

Coaching and personal training Personal training is an absolutely individual and coordinated service that requires intensive preparation and follow-up.
  • Focus

    • Health-oriented fitness
    • Muscle toning / building
    • Endurance training, especially marathon preparation for bodybuilders
I am a full-time doctor, trainer and speaker, but above all an ambitious and passionate athlete.

It is precisely this combination that drives me anew every day to make the world a little fitter, healthier and more livable. I look forward to welcoming you to my private practice in Düsseldorf from 2018.
  • Education

    • Human medicine in Essen and Cape Town
    • Additional qualification in nutritional medicine
    • Additional designation health promotion and prevention
    • Personal trainer and lecturer at the IST University
  • Licenses

    • Licensed Personal Trainer (BSA)
    • TRX instructor
    • Kettlebell Instructor (beginners and advanced)
    • Strength and Coordination Trainer (DSHS)
    • Medical Nutritionist
    • Manual medicine
  • Focus in training

    • Health-oriented fitness
    • Muscle toning / building
    • Endurance training, especially marathon preparation for bodybuilders
Due to the high success rates in long-term cooperation, this investment is particularly worthwhile for everyone who really wants to achieve their goals in a realistic time and at the same time appreciates the added value of joint training in order to continuously develop their skills.

Feel free to use my contact form for a non-binding inquiry and select the item personal training / coaching.

I look forward to working with you on your goals.
  • 1 to 1 training support

    Indoor, outdoor, fitness studio
  • Creation of training plans

    Individually created for your needs
  • Creation of nutrition plans

    Meal timing, shopping optimization
  • Seminars and lectures

    In corporate health management
  • Training with medical supervision

    With focus on specific health issues
  • Small group training / supervision

Only the best

Die Muskelbox

Here you will find all information about ​​the muscle box.

Unfold. Getting started. Be successful.

What's in the box?

The muscle box contains everything you need for your muscles: In addition to extensive knowledge about training, nutrition, regeneration and time management, you will also find a manual on motivation and my personal muscle success moments.


The Manuals:

Did you know that the almost 645 muscles of humans can make up up to 60% of the body or that the muscles produce and release over 400 substances called myokines during work?
  • Muscle training and muscle function

    The manual for muscle training and muscle function not only explains how the muscles are built and how they work, but also how to train them properly.

    In addition to detailed exercise descriptions and clear pictures, you will also find a lot of tips about training the muscles and great training plans.

    Simply explained to get started right away.

    With many ingenious and effective strength exercises for men and women.
The fact is:
The muscle is a central, if not "the" organ of health, beauty, performance and also of pure vitality.
  • Muscle Nutrition

    A well-known saying goes: A sixpack is made in the kitchen.

    Right. The muscles benefit immensely from the right, targeted and balanced diet.

    With lots of delicious recipes, simple everyday tips and additional information about sports nutrition and meal timing, you will find exactly the right partner with the muscle nutrition part of the muscle box.

    With Body-Attack and Fit-Taste, two strong and well-known partners are part of the Muscle Box nutrition philosophy.

    Good, muscular appetite.
There is no shortcut, it takes time to build a better, stronger version of yourself.
  • Muscle Care

    When you think of muscle care, you probably think of things like: massage and sauna or maybe even cozy hours on the sofa. You are not entirely wrong, but muscle care is much more than just "relaxing".

    In the Muscle Care Manual, you will learn and understand that there are many building blocks that regenerate muscle.

    From sleep to stretching to the right "letting go" you will gain an insight into the crucial components of optimal muscle recovery.

    Have a good rest!

It is not easy for those who lack it. For those who have it, life is easy.
  • Motivation

    In the Motivation manual you will find useful tips and aids to help you build a stable and long-term motivation and thus the basic structure of your success.

    Personal success, as well as that of your muscles and your goals, depends on your motivation.

    Even if there is no such thing as the "motivational miracle pill", you can still learn how to keep pushing yourself on, not to give up, and to reach for your goals and desires.

    Motivation- Your strongest muscle is your will.
In an 80 year life we have 700,000 hours of life. Enough to do everything that is important to us in life.
  • Time management

    Time - Perhaps the most valuable asset in our life?

    Yet - dealing with time is not a matter of course.

    How about if you learn such an effective time management through optimal everyday planning that you have the feeling every day that you have an infinite amount of time?

    You can learn it.

    In the time management manual you will learn my best tips and tricks for a "timelessly beautiful" life.

    Take your time.


The muscle box is suitable for everyone who wants to do something for their muscles. Whether you are a newcomer or a newcomer: the muscle box contains the knowledge you need to know about your muscles. The correct "maintenance and care" of your muscles will be explained to you step by step.

Even advanced learners can brush up on their muscle knowledge and tools.

Of course, you can also give the muscle box to someone for whom you also want great, fit and healthy muscles. Why don't you just give away the muscle box for Christmas, a birthday or just for once?

Finding a more sustainable gift won't be easy.

The muscle box [Expert] is currently in progress and will be available soon. Experienced athletes in particular will find useful and highly effective knowledge here for maximum performance.

From professionals for professionals and those who want to become one.

The "original muscle box" manuals for muscle training, muscle nutrition, muscle care, motivation and time management are only available as a complete package in the muscle box. I want you to always look at your muscles holistically, especially as a beginner, and that is only possible if you really deal with the individual manuals in the overall context.

But soon there will be additional training plans from me that can also be bought individually

Of course. Hardly any other way is as flexible and variable as that to the optimal musculature. Nevertheless, you will of course find everything you need for the all-round carefree package for your muscles in the muscle box. Be curious.

The contents of the muscle box are above all one thing: sustainable and simple. The training system is not based on "the innovative" concept, but includes long-established specialist knowledge paired with very easy applicability. Even if you may have the feeling here and there that it is "too easy", be sure: the continuity will bring you success. Transformations are beautiful, but long-term results with health and physical satisfaction are guaranteed without you constantly losing your shape.

Of course. There are only a few reasons, including medical ones, not to deal with the contents of the muscle box and to use it. If in doubt, a medical consultation should of course be carried out before starting training, as should be done before almost every new sport and health restrictions.

Note: The contents of the muscle box are demanding, but never at the expense of your health.

But of course. No pain. No gain. No brain.

Sounds cool right? Of course, the focus of the contents of the muscle box is on the muscle, but it should be crystal clear to you: The muscle has a positive effect on the brain and the brain has a positive effect on the muscle. An interaction that you will understand once you have worked your way through the chapter on motivation. So you don't need to buy 5 more books on the subject of mental strength, because you can get them all by yourself with the help of your muscles.

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