Die Muskelbox
Die Muskelbox
Die Muskelbox
Die Muskelbox
Die Muskelbox
Die Muskelbox
Die Muskelbox
Die Muskelbox
Die Muskelbox
Die Muskelbox

Die Muskelbox

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The muscle box

Absolute professional knowledge about training, nutrition, supplementation, mindset and lifestyle.

Including fitness band in medium strength and Original Mini Black Roll.

The muscle box for budding experts. With occlusion bands for men and resistance bands for women. The muscle box actually contains everything you need for your muscles:

In addition to extensive knowledge about training, nutrition, regeneration and time management, you will also find a manual on motivation and my personal muscle success moments.

The highlight: the muscle box really contains everything you need to train, maintain and optimize your most valuable locomotor organ, the muscle.

No more "entertaining training programs" or supposed miracle cures.

In the muscle box you will find honest and up-to-date knowledge that is easy to understand and, above all, prepared for use.

The muscle box is also available for men and women.

Unfold. Get started and enjoy your muscles.

Your Dr. Moritz Tellmann


1. The manuals

The 5 manuals give you an effective overview of:

Muscle function and muscle training
Muscle nutrition
Muscle care and muscle regeneration
Effective time management
Motivation (including motivation diary)

2. The strength band and the muscle roller

Practically. Compact. Effectively.
Hardly any other training device brings you as many advantages as a strength band or tube.

The elastic resistance ensures optimal, but gentle strain on the muscle. Due to its compact size, it can be taken anywhere, even on vacation.

The muscle or fascia roller is a great way to do something good for the muscle before and after training, or in between.

You will learn how to use it: with the muscle box.

3. The extra

In addition, the muscle box not only contains delicious protein powder but also an individual training and relaxation towel from Towell +.

In addition, it contains: many tips and tricks about effective everyday life, sleep and the targeted use of sports nutrition.

The contents of the muscle box are rounded off by great recipes and a comprehensive catalog of exercises.


Trainer and coaching qualifications


Human medicine in Essen and Cape Town

Additional qualification in nutritional medicine

Additional designation health promotion and prevention

Personal trainer and lecturer at the IST University


Licensed Personal Trainer (BSA)

TRX instructor

Kettlebell Instructor (beginners and advanced)

Strength and Coordination Trainer (DSHS)

Medical Nutritionist

Manual medicine

Focus in training

Health-oriented fitness

Muscle toning / building

Endurance training, especially marathon preparation for bodybuilders

I look forward to working
with you on your goals.