In-body analysis incl. consultation
In-body analysis incl. consultation

In-body analysis incl. consultation

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Precise measurement of your body composition as a basis for creating a training plan and making recommendations on nutrition.

With our InBody body analyzer, we measure your muscle and body fat percentage, among other things.

What is special about the InBody system?


  • In contrast to all conventional systems, InBody does not rely on empirically obtained average values ​​that flow into the result. Your result is 100% based on your personal measurement.
  • InBody measures with an extremely high degree of accuracy.
  • The test procedure provides information about possible muscular imbalances and thus represents an ideal basis for further individual training planning.



With the InBody-Check we make your training success visible. The detailed results sheet shows, among other things, muscle building and fat loss and serves as the basis for your training plan.


In a healthy body, water, muscle and fat mass are in a balanced relationship to one another. We help you to bring your body into a balanced state.


The muscle and fat percentage and their distribution in your body, together with the fitness assessment, provide information about how fit you really are.

Your health risks

The InBody-Check reveals health risks at an early stage, which can lead to cardiovascular diseases and type II diabetes, among other things. We help you to prevent these dangers with a targeted training plan.


    Trainer and coaching qualifications


    Human medicine in Essen and Cape Town

    Additional qualification in nutritional medicine

    Additional designation health promotion and prevention

    Personal trainer and lecturer at the IST University


    Licensed Personal Trainer (BSA)

    TRX instructor

    Kettlebell Instructor (beginners and advanced)

    Strength and Coordination Trainer (DSHS)

    Medical Nutritionist

    Manual medicine

    Focus in training

    Health-oriented fitness

    Muscle toning / building

    Endurance training, especially marathon preparation for bodybuilders

    I look forward to working
    with you on your goals.