Metabolism analysis
Metabolism analysis
Metabolism analysis

Metabolism analysis

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No more rules of thumb! Sustainable nutrition plans can only be drawn up and long-term goals achieved if the current metabolic situation is known and the basal metabolic rate is precisely measured.

A Dynostics turnover analysis makes it possible to identify changes in the metabolism, even if these cannot yet be determined on the scales. The result: successes are visible more quickly. You gain a positive image through the exact and goal-oriented nutrition design.

Of course I support you and your personal success on the way.

    Trainer and coaching qualifications


    Human medicine in Essen and Cape Town

    Additional qualification in nutritional medicine

    Additional designation health promotion and prevention

    Personal trainer and lecturer at the IST University


    Licensed Personal Trainer (BSA)

    TRX instructor

    Kettlebell Instructor (beginners and advanced)

    Strength and Coordination Trainer (DSHS)

    Medical Nutritionist

    Manual medicine

    Focus in training

    Health-oriented fitness

    Muscle toning / building

    Endurance training, especially marathon preparation for bodybuilders

    I look forward to working
    with you on your goals.